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Hi, my skin is oil. I plan to use the Wrinkle Rx 76% Peptide Solution Concentrate for the 3-step, the FirmaTone Rx RetinolMax Firming Serum fot 4-step and FirmaTone RetinolMax Neurotrophic Night Cream for the 5-step in summer. Is this plan ok?

Of course I will use Advanced Firming Facial Pads once every night~~~



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Dear Alex,

This would certainly be okay and yes, don't forget the pads :)  They are essential.

Is this night cream suitable for the oily skin? I am afraid that acne would break out.

Yes, it is great for oily skin.  It has a good amount of retinol in it which is always a good thing for oily skin. Keep in mind that all skin needs some moisture and if it gets too dry, it will produce more oil to make up for it. So by drying out your skin and not adding moisture, you're actually making it oilier.  You're skin's oil is not the same as "moisture." It's not hydration. Hydration (moisture) means water, not oil, and all skin benefits from added hydration, since the skin's internal water content tends to evaporate.   

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