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I received your Advanced Triple Strength Wrinkle Cream in a TSV, love it.  I also purchased your Hydroshield Emulsion Face Cream and found I love that too.  What is the difference in these two particular products and how can I determine which is best for me?   I use the pads, followed by the Micro20 and HydroShield Serum. During the day, ALWAYS the SPF30 Day Cream. Overall, I have very good 56 year old skin with microscopic pores. There are some light spots that remain from long ago blemishes.  On rare occasion, I can get a milia.   Mostly, I have fine lines yet deep marionette lines and nasal labio folds, and a dreadfully firm double chin.

Dr. Denese,

Looking forward to your next book; I have read the first one twice. When will it be available?

Like many others, I have and love last year's TSV with the Triple Strength Wrinkle Smoothers for Neck and for Face.  I have also ordered the new Med MD 33 Clinical Reserve Cream and love it, too.  I have been using the TSV at night, topping it with Med MD 33.  It seems to be a delicious combo but is it overkill or counter-productive?? 

Like any Dr. D accolyte, my PM routine includes the pads, HydroShield/Retinol Max Firming Serum (thanks for the new larger size), the omega 3 serum gets rotated into the mix as well prior to the previous TSV mentioned above.  The omega 3 eye cream is a must AM/PM.  It's a lot.  My other AM essential is the SPF30 Day Cream (wish you could bump the SPF up to 50).  Many thanks for any advice.

I am 65, very fair skinned with almost no lines/wrinkles.  I am always on the lookout for assistance with firming/lifting and defying gravity where possible.

Many thanks.

I was diagnosed with actinic keratosis last fall. Is there any way to reduce the hard spots and prevent further damage? I know I should have taken better care of my skin when I was in my teens and 20s, I'm 34 now.
Dr I have very Baggie eye kids I use your omega eye treatment n eye fix is there anything else I can do? Sandy

Dr. Denese never replied to these...

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