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I am 32 years old. I just started using Dr. Denese products this week, and so far I'm in love! I have oily acne-prone skin. Right now I'm experiencing what I think is an "initial breakout"...nothing crazy or that bad, just some whiteheads in areas that are my trouble areas, but these areas have been clear until I started using these. I'm wondering if my skin is just adjusting to these fabulous products? Anyone else experience this?

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Hi Renee,

Could you let us know which products specifically you are using?  This will help us to answer you with detailed information and we could provide suggestions as well.

Thank you!

Per the suggestions of customer service, I am using the Dermaclean cleanser, Pore refining toner, Cellular firming serum, Advanced firming facial pads, Hydroshield ultra moisturizing face serum, and Firming facial age corrector cream. I love all of the products, and the overall appearance of my skin is improving, it's just these strange mild breakouts.

Could you maybe be using a little too much HydroShield?  When you apply the HydroShied you should only need about a dime sized amount for your entire face and you should always let this absorb for a few minutes.  Could it be possible that you may be using a bit more than that?

I use much less than that, and I only put it on my drier areas, not on my t-zone...

Then most likely it is your skin adjusting to the products.  These products that you are using are non-comedogenic and do not clog pores; however, each persons skin is very unique and can take a little time getting used to new products.

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