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Do any of Dr. Dense products include the ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, if so which ones?

I realize that typically HA can not penetrate the skin, is there any evidence that HA topical can "plump" ?

Dr. D is so good about explaining the ingredient, I hope she will take time to discuss HA.   

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Comment by MyDrDenese on February 25, 2014 at 3:29pm

Hi Missy,

This is a great question.  Dr. Denese does not use hyaluronic acid often.  We used to have it in one product that was an instant plumper type of serum and for that it worked well.  The reason that she does not use it often is that it is only a temporary fix and we focus on the treatment of the problem.  It acts like a filler by sitting on top of the muscle creating the illusion of the skin being plumped from within; however this is not lasting and over time it deteriorates and is no longer there and the skin did not actually benefit from it any longer than when it is used. This is why she focuses on ingredients like peptides, ceramides and retinol along with other ingredients that treat the skin concern rather than only a temporary fix.

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