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Request Update Info on Dr Denese SPF30 melanin based sunscreen

I ordered from QVC Dr Denese SPF 30 melanin based sunscreen and several kits. I really liked the feel/slip of the product and the look/appearance of my face after application_I was pleased.   However, there was a "drawing" "pleating" allergic reaction afterwards.   I held off using the product for a while in order to monitor the effects. I used the product after several weeks with the same effect. I was disappointed.

The product offers coverage, protection, smooth application, pleasing appearance.

The product was purchased when Dr Denese first came to QVC. As it has  been several years, I would like to know if any updating has been done with this product?  I use physical, natural sunscreens:Caren, Clarins, Josie Maran, La Roche Posay etc

I liked the product so much I would very much like to try it again.  Please respond as soon as possible.

Thank You


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Comment by Bev CQ Friemann on April 18, 2014 at 10:30am

I purchased the qvc supersize tsv with the hydroshield(excellent)_ exfoliating pads(efficient and gentle on my sensitive skin)_however, the spf30 produced similar allergic reaction as it did in the introduction years ago on qvc.   I would like to share in my opinion the ingredient causing this allergic reaction: "octinoxate"  please consider replacing with a physical/mineral/botanical.  I really like this spf30 dr denese product

Comment by MyDrDenese on January 20, 2014 at 1:13pm

Dear Bev,

Thank you for your great question.  There have been some very minor changes made to the cream over the years, mostly in the overall feel/texture and ability to last.  Not much has changed in regards to the ingredients though.   Chances are you were having an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients of the SPF 30 but it also could have been from one of the other products as well, unless of course you still use those too then it would be easy to narrow it down to the SPF 30.  Allergic reactions are not very common with this product as the ingredients don't include typical known irritants and the actual SPF ingredients are standard as well.  Skin does change over time and that is also something to consider.  What possibly irritated you then may not now but the only way to truly know is to try the product again.

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